global mind, local

champions – growing

a sustainable future

SUSTAINABILITY global mind, local champions – growing a sustainable future

how we

safeguard rural

economies, local


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SUSTAINABILITY global mind, local champions – growing a sustainable future
Global mind, local champions – growing a sustainable future

Global Mind, Local Champions is our sustainability framework which ensures our future development supports both our long-term success and the sustainability of the local communities where we operate

our three pillars of sustainability 

Global Mind, Local Champions is framed within three pillars of sustainability: economic, social and environmental. Each of which our businesses across the world have a role to play in delivering on the ground. 

These three pillars set out the areas where our knowledge and resources enable us to continually improve. They represent the issues that matter most to us, to our stakeholders and to the communities where we operate. Together, our three pillars give structure, direction and unity to all our sustainability efforts; and provide us with a competitive edge, of which more information can be found in a recent interview with our Head of Advocacy and 


is the key to

our future

Sustainability 2
Sustainability 3

our commitment to growing a sustainable future

Our sustainability framework enables us to respond to the emerging demands that we face as a responsible business and to grow a sustainable future for those around us. We measure and report our impact in a number of ways:

our annual review

Demonstrating the progress we have made against our three pillars, as well as featuring case studies highlighting the achievements of our businesses to the year ending 2017.

2030 global commitments

Our new global commitments, sitting within our three pillars of sustainability outline our vision for the future and we will continue to report against these.

For more information, please download our inaugural review.


making a difference with our local champions

Over recent years, we have worked hard to progress our sustainability framework. We seek to find new solutions to the challenges we face to help safeguard the needs of the next generation. 

We use everything we have learned from many decades as a sugar producer across three continents to empower our local champions to deliver positive change in every local market. 

sustainability 4

educated growers

in the use of real

time technology to

increase supply

chain efficiency 

sustainability 5
Economic Sustainability


Our business has one foot in the worlds of both food and agriculture, and our operating model depends on sustainable agricultural and rural economies.

Social Sustainability


Thriving and healthy communities are the backbone to our business. We are dedicated to respecting human rights and delivering high standards on health, safety and education.

Environmental Sustainability


We operate in a world facing climate change, increasing population and increasing constraints and depletion on resources that are important to the longterm success of our business.

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