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World sugar production and trade is dominated by a small number of influential producing countries and regions, these are detailed in our Sugar Markets pages.

As one of the world's leading and most efficient sugar businesses1 , AB Sugar and the 25,000 sugar beet and sugar cane growers we partner with across the world, remain some of the most important people within our supply chain. We closely engage across our group of businesses with stakeholders from our entire supply chain to ensure we are growing and sourcing sustainable crops and producing sugar products that are traceable, safe and quality to our customers and consumers worldwide.


You can find out more about where we grow our sugar, where we source from and export to in the below interactive map.

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we partner with 25,000 sugar beet and sugar cane growers

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We partner with over 25,000 growers worldwide and focus on engaging with them to grow their crop as efficiently and responsibly as possible.


We source our raw materials of sugar beet and sugar cane, as well as speciality sugars from around the world into our factories and refineries to meet customer demands and needs.


Our range of sugar products are sold and distributed into industry sectors around the world including food and drink, retail and industrial.

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Information last updated February 2019

On farm sustainability

Across our supply chain, we work with a number of different farm assurance models to ensure we promote sustainable practices across both sugar beet and sugar cane farming. More detail on these programmes is provided below:​


Fairtrade International: Fairtrade sets strict social, economic and environmental standards for both companies, farmers and workers which are independently audited. This includes protection of workers' rights and the environment, as well as payment of the Fairtrade Premium, an additional payment on top of the price the farmers receive, which farmers invest in community projects they have democratically chosen. Licensees can use the FAIRTRADE Mark on their products.


Red Tractor: Red Tractor's sugar beet and cereals assurance standards combined with UK legislative requirements have achieved Silver level equivalence with SAI Platform's Farm Sustainability Assessment (FSA) 2.0.


SAI Platform: The Sustainable Agriculture Initiative Platform (SAI Platform) is the global food and drink industry platform for developing sustainable agriculture solutions through member-driven pre-competitive collaboration. SAI Platform works with its members and external stakeholders to catalyse change and establish sustainable agriculture as a pre-requisite for doing business throughout the food and drink industry supply chain.

SUSFARMS®: SUSFARMS® is a practical tool that guides implementation of better management practices (BMPs). It is a comprehensive collection of legislative requirements as well as BMPs that can (amongst others) ensure worker health and safety, facilitates more profitable production and promote environmental stewardship.


VIVE: VIVE stands for responsibly and sustainably sourced sugar that is produced free of socially and environmentally damaging activities. Operating along the entire supply chain, from field to end-user factory, VIVE comprehensively covers key sustainability risks and delivers continuous improvement. In an ever changing world, companies are not only responsible for their bottom line. Consumers expect more and the VIVE Programme helps provide them with the security of knowing where their sugar comes from.


  1. LMC 2022 Report: Sugar & HFS Production Costs Global Benchmarking
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