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Thriving and healthy communities are the backbone of our business. We are dedicated to respecting human rights and delivering high standards in health, safety and education.

We are also committed to offering access to health services, health information and develop research with experts to fit the needs of the locations where we operate. Our aim is to help our employees and communities live healthier lifestyles and manage illness. 

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focussing on safety, well-being and health

Safety in our operations is still a non-negotiable, fundamental part of the way we do business. We aim for zero fatalities and zero working hours lost through injury. Employee safety and health and well-being is an area that we believe we have a solid track record in across the group and this is crucial to a sustainable business. 

We also help consumers lead a healthy lifestyle and promote their wellbeing, through initiatives such as our Making Sense of Sugar campaign.

Areas we are working on include:

  • Health and safety at work 
  • Respecting human rights – Modern Slavery 
  • Employee health and education 
  • Making Sense of Sugar 
  • Investment in scientific research
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employee safety and health are crucial to a sustainable business

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lead a healthy


Making sense of sugar

making sense of sugar

Making Sense of Sugar helps inform and educate people about sugar and the role it can play as part of a healthy balanced diet. Our aim is to provide factual information based on robust science for everyone so that we can all make informed choices about what we choose to consume.

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