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MEDIA stories from previous years


MEDIA stories from previous years


1 June 2015

Response statement to Action on Sugar's release on children’s fruit snacks

Response statement to Action on Sugar's release on children’s fruit snacks

Katharine Teague, Head of Advocacy: “This story shines a light on the fact that it can be confusing for parents to work out what foods to give their children as part of a balanced diet. It also highlights how important it is that we all play our part in helping everyone better understand what constitutes a balanced diet and the role sugars can play as part of this. 

However, it is worrying that people still think that sugars can be hidden. The reality is that manufacturers are required by law to provide nutritional information on all pre-packaged foods and drinks found in the UK, and to suggest otherwise could further confuse consumers.

We believe parents would benefit more from understanding what food labels mean, in order to consider the total calorie intake for their children. This means that they can make an informed decision on what to consume, considering diet and how active their family’s lifestyle is as a whole.

We are in favour of a sensible approach to tackling obesity, one that recognises that a focus on one single ingredient or product type is not the answer but instead considers the many different contributory factors – both diet and lifestyle.

What’s required is collaborative action to find real and workable solutions to the obesity crisis as well as helping address consumer confusion about what a balanced diet really means.”

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