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MEDIA stories from previous years


22 October 2015

AB Sugar scoops PR Week Award for Making Sense of Sugar

AB Sugar scoops PR Week Award for Making Sense of Sugar

AB Sugar has this week been recognised by the PR Week Awards, receiving the award for Best use of Planning, Strategy and Evaluation 2015 for its Making Sense of Sugar campaign.

Obesity is a complex issue with many different factors at play. AB Sugar remains committed to playing a part in developing solutions to tackle the obesity crisis. One of these solution is the Making Sense of Sugar campaign, a campaign which was launched just over a year ago and aims to present the science and facts about sugar in a way which is simple, straightforward and informative and based on robust scientific evidence.

The highly-regarded PR Week Award recognises the thorough and insight-driven planning, strategy and evaluation techniques across the campaign, with planning driving every detail. This ensures that the campaign is genuinely providing individuals with the information they need to enable them to make an informed decision on what a balanced diet and lifestyle looks like, the link between ‘calories in’ and ‘calories out’ and the role that sugars can play as part of their diet. Through regular polling and also focus group research, the campaign is are able to ensure it remains relevant and useful to target audiences.

To date, the campaign has made significant progress: 1.5m more adults believe sugar can be part of a healthy balanced diet – now totalling 40% of the population. In addition, 2.5m more adults now understand there is no such thing as ‘good’ or ‘bad’ sugar and only one in ten believe sugar is the lead cause of obesity. This is combined with a strong media presence, leading to a reduction in negative coverage from 81% to 50% in consumer media.

Commenting on the Making Sense of Sugar campaign, PR Week Award judge, Patrick Southwell, said that the campaign was “Scientific, measured, full of insight and properly planned. Strong results also make this stand out.”

Receiving the Award, Sharon Fisher, Communications Manager, AB Sugar said:

“We are delighted that Making Sense of Sugar campaign has been recognised by the PR Week Awards - the most prestigious Awards in the PR and communications sector.  We believe sugar can be part of a healthy balanced diet, and science currently supports this.  There is a global obesity crisis, but consumption of ‘total sugars’ per head has decreased over the last decade in the UK. It is a complex issue and for many consumers, with lots of conflicting advice, it can be a confusing one. This is where Making Sense of Sugar comes in – providing people with information which enables them to make informed choices about the food they eat and have a better understanding of sugar and the role it can play in their diet“.

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