environmental: securing responsible resource consumption

environmental sustainability

how we ensure

we consume

resources in a

responsible way

environmental sustainability

global mind

We operate in a world facing climate change, population rises and increasing constraints and depletion of resources that are important to the long-term success of our business.

The most vital resources for us are water, energy and soil and our focus remains on reducing the environmental impact of all our operations worldwide to ensure continuous improvement at a local level. We strive to be responsible stewards and users of all natural resources but also look to prioritise innovations that allow us to create more value from fewer resources. 

Environmental sustainability

our priorities 

Reducing greenhouse gas emissions

We have already made positive steps towards reducing greenhouse gas emissions across our operations and to continue this trend, we will focus on how we improve measuring emissions from our businesses and that of our supply chain.

Ensuring responsible stewardship of water

Despite our continuing evolution towards a truly circular economy, water remains a precious resource in our production process - not least in southern Africa. As part of our efforts to reduce water abstraction we are focused on ensuring as much water in our production process is reused or returned to source where possible.

Cantley factory zoom

some of our recent achievements

recycled 99% of waste from our European sugar businesses 

decreased energy consumption by 2%, with 60% from renewables

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