environmental: securing responsible resource consumption

environmental sustainability

how we ensure

we consume

resources in a

responsible way

environmental sustainability

We operate in a world facing climate change, increasing population and increasing constraints and depletion of resources that are important to the long-term success of our business.

The most vital resources for us are water, energy and soil – but the waste we produce can also be an equally valuable resource. We continue to focus on being responsible stewards and users of all resources, and work towards innovations that allow us to use less of them still creating more value for our business and communities. The last 40 years have seen huge advances in industry, technology and commerce. But it is clear that there will be even greater challenges in the future, and past solutions may no longer work.

Environmental sustainability

finding solutions that have a positive impact

Delivering sustainable economic development means meeting the needs of a growing population, without sacrificing the environment and the valuable resources we need and create.

Our businesses face differing resource constraints and priorities in their locations around the world. We need to find business solutions that can reduce the environmental impact of all our operations worldwide, and ultimately have a positive impact at a local level. 

Areas we are working on include...

  • Energy consumption and emissions 
  • Water stewardship 
  • Waste management 
  • Soil health

creating more

value for our

business and



the needs

of a growing


...without sacrificing

the environment

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