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how we help to build sustainable agricultural and rural economies

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Our business has one foot in the worlds of both food and agriculture, and our operating model depends on sustainable agricultural and rural economies. 

The global context for our work is one where food security and safety are perennial concerns, and where urbanisation is a growing threat to rural economies. 

Our overarching task is to unlock the barriers to the development of rural economies, discard outdated ways of working and create a more modern sugar industry. We need to drive productivity through the right financial, infrastructural and development projects. 

Sustainability 8

long term contributions to economic growth

By contributing to economic growth, we can ensure that we benefit from it in the long term. But it is essential that we focus on the right areas. By making sure we look at the bigger picture across our whole supply chain, we can identify the optimum places for both global and local investment and achieve genuinely inclusive growth.

Areas we are working on include...

  • Advanced manufacturing
  • Championing rural development
  • Responsible agricultural and supply chain practices
  • Securing land
  • Developing strong, valuable supply chains
  • Attracting the next generation to work in the sugar industry
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investing in



ensuring that benefits are recognised for the long term

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attracting the

next generation

to work in the

sugar industry

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