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the vision that guides our work and how we plan to make it a reality

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Our vision is to be the world’s leading sugar business

"Despite the many challenges facing the sugar industry, as one of the leading industry players we remain resilient. Our focus is clear, we will continue to drive performance improvement through all that we do; not only financial and operational, but health and safety, progress against our 2030 sustainability commitments and in becoming the supplier of choice too."

A message from our CEO, Dr Mark Carr

AB Sugar is one of the world’s largest and most efficient sugar companies [1], and we have market leading positions through our sugar and sugar-related businesses. Each of our businesses has their own proud history of innovation, growth and long-term commitment to their growers, employees, and communities. Although we have a global portfolio, we work together with each of our businesses to do what is right for their local markets.

Sugar is at the heart of our operations, but it’s not all we do. Our sugar-making plants are highly efficient ‘biorefineries’ that maximise every part of the raw material received. We produce a range of products  derived from sugar beet and sugar cane, in addition to sugar used within food and drinks, raising the value not only for our business, but also for our customers and suppliers. From producing ethanol, animal feed, and an ingredient for the pharmaceutical industry, to being a substantial renewable power generator selling significant residual electricity into local grids, and much more.

Simply, for us there is no such thing as waste.

We also continue to serve a range of industries and ensure we are growing and sourcing sustainable sugar and producing sugar products that are traceable, safe and quality for our customers worldwide, as portrayed by our global sourcing map.  

"our belief is that there is no such thing as waste "

Dr Mark Carr, CEO AB Sugar

"our belief

is that there is 

no such thing

as waste "

"we are committed to achieving

our 2030 global aspirations"

"creating more from less

and aspiring to be better

than we were yesterday."

"we are an


contributor to

the circular


Beyond this, we strive to build a sustainable future for our communities, our businesses and our customers. We do this through our ‘global mind, LOCAL CHAMPIONS’  sustainability programme. Our ‘LOCAL CHAMPIONS’ drive environmental, social and economic benefits on the ground in our countries of operation, and working together, we form a global mindset. We’re constantly evolving and improving how we do things, looking for new technologies and innovations, both within our operations and  working in partnership with others to improve knowledge and practices and collectively make a difference. Our ambitious group-wide sustainability commitments set out what we want to achieve by 2030 within the areas that we can make the most impact. These are reducing our carbon footprint and water use by 30%, building vibrant and diverse ways of working that increase prosperity for our communities, providing access to objective scientific advice on sugar, diet and health to over 25 million people around the world through our Making Sense of Sugar campaign and finally, to ensure all our plastic packaging is reusable, recyclable, biodegradable or compostable.

Achieving all of the above is not possible without our people. We need to continue to inspire the next generation by developing capability and creating a more inclusive working environment that offers varied career journeys.

Looking ahead, we need to build upon the successes we’ve achieved so far. We will continue to leverage the value created from sugar beet and sugar cane through our bio-refineries and expanding existing market opportunities with our comprehensive renewable product portfolio, as well as exploring new market opportunities for renewable power generation. Our Performance Improvement Plans are well established and will continue to drive improvement and plant efficiencies; our plans to decarbonise in each of our businesses will be progressed through the same processes. We continue to recognise our customers and their consumers expectations, quite rightly, on their suppliers to improve their environmental footprints throughout the supply chain. We continue to place workplace safety as a priority, this is non-negotiable in achieving our aim for zero-lost time injuries. Finally, we will continue to deliver to our shareholders and invest in the areas that have the greatest impact to the long-term benefit of our business.

I firmly believe with all of this in mind, that we will meet our 2030 aspirations and achieve our vision to be the world’s leading sugar business. We look forward to sharing our journey with you.

Dr Mark Carr
Group Chief Executive


[1] LMC 2022 Report: Sugar & HFS Production Costs Global Benchmarking

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