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the vision that guides our work and how we plan to make it a reality

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Our vision is to be the world’s leading sugar business

"By being open minded to innovation, we strive to create more from less and ensure the success and sustainability of our wider supply chain and the communities in which we operate. Working together with our colleagues and stakeholders, we seek to achieve even greater success in the future than has been achieved in the past."


A message from our CEO, Dr Mark Carr

AB Sugar is one of the world’s largest and most efficient[1] sugar businesses, comprising of  several market leading sugar and sugar-related businesses. Each has their own proud history of innovation, growth and long-term commitment to their communities. Although we have a global portfolio, we work together with each of our businesses to do what is right for their local markets.

Sugar is at the heart of what we do, but the sugar making process provides opportunities to do much more than simply manufacture an ingredient. We are an innovative and advanced manufacturer, producing a wide range of co-products – from topsoil to animal feed. We are also an energy and power supplier as well as being part of the wider agri-business value chain that positions us as being a responsible and sustainable manufacturer across all our locations. 

"we operate in a

diverse and

continually changing

global market"

Mark Carr - deregulation will redefine our entire industry

"we operate in a

diverse and

continually changing

global market"

"we are committed to achieving

our 2030 global aspirations"

We have established a strong position within the sugar industry over many years by choosing to provide the right products in the right markets; and by ensuring strong operational performances through continuously improving both productivity and efficiencies of our advanced manufacturing plants. To maintain this position into the future and in the changing world of sugar that we find ourselves in, we will continue to improve and innovate to meet the needs of our customers, while working with our growers to ensure sustainable agricultural production.

"open minded

to innovation

and striving to

create more

from less"

"we are an


contributor to

the circular


In everything we do, we seek to drive continuous improvement and are committed to developing our people to build capability and capacity across all our locations for the future.

As we evolve to meet the changing needs of the world around us, it is our objective to make sure all future development supports both our long-term success and the sustainability of our wider supply chain and the communities where we operate. The delivery of our ‘Global Mind, Local Champions’ sustainability framework is set against three pillars of economic, social and environmental; and this approach is implemented on the ground by each of our businesses. As part of the inaugural review of our framework; Our commitment to growing a sustainable future’; we demonstrate the progress and achievements across our group to the year ending 2017.

In building on this success and to be responsive to the world around us, we have taken the next step on our sustainability journey to launch Group-wide commitments. These 2030 global aspirations are bold, far-reaching and challenging and will guide our activities over the coming decade.

By being open minded to innovation and striving to create more from less; and by working together with our customers, growers and key stakeholders, I firmly believe we will achieve our vision to be the world’s leading sugar business and meet our 2030 aspirations. We look forward to sharing our journey with you.

Dr Mark Carr
Group Chief Executive


[1] LMC 2018 Report: Sugar & HFS Production Costs Global Benchmarking

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